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Sedona Arts Festival

Fast forward a few months…fall is in the air in Sedona, Arizona. The mountains are ablaze with colour and the Sedona Arts Festival is in town. Pack your bags and join the merriment that comes from attending the unbelievable artwork festival in the country. Perhaps you are wondering what this festival entails so you can prepare yourself for two days of culture, Sedona design. Amusement of the highest quality is the primary ingredient, scattered with lots of Sedona’s finest cuisine. Add a touch of artwork and you’ve got the recipe for the grandest time.

2009’s festival starts October 10th and ends October 11th, two days of pure ecstasy. Saturday it is open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Sedona’s Red Rock High School is the site for the amusement. This is the nineteenth year for the Sedona Arts Festival. Everyone motivates to come on outside and take in the artists’ creations. You’ll discover over a hundred art and the artists, craft offerings and craftspeople exhibiting their creations in tents erected for the holiday.

The amusement hasn’t been set for the 2009 Sedona Arts Festival as of this date, but many are expecting to see some of their favorites from previous years. In 2008 the Sedona Jazz on the Rocks Youth Band, The Denise Allen Band, Sarah Vanell, Matt Tener, and Larry Redhouse performed. It’s extremely inspiring to see all the ability that appears at the festival. The youth of today must carry our music forth, and you may understand we’re in great hands when you attend the Sedona Arts Festival.

Children are welcome and a specific segment was given to their tasks. They’ll have the ability to socialize with the artists and locate their own artistic releases using collage, clay and colours, expressing themselves while their parents enjoy the festival. You are going to be happily surprised with the cuisine at the Arts Festival in regards to food. In an attempt to supply you with a broad variety of wholesome, interesting foods the sellers are selected prudently. You are going to have the ability to love your selections while you sit at umbrella-shaded tables and seats