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Popular Festivals Around the Globe

Forget climatic states, the greatest time for a tourist to see a state is when it’s engulfed in the delirium of festivities! This is a time when they are able to love the most and this is the time when they could be among the locals. Festivals are a critical part of a society. These social events enable individuals love with their kindred and to take some time of their daily lives. From a tourist perspective, holidays are all the more significant as they supply them with advice on perhaps another faith, another culture and another society. A large number of tourists plan their vacation journey in synch with the most popular festival of the area they aim to see. Get comfortable with some of the much beloved and famous festivals across nations and different cultures.


Christmas is an extremely popular holiday that’s observed with the same intensity all around the world. As a result of globalisation and the invasion in every house of Hollywood, Christmas parties turned into an international spectacle and have transcended spiritual limits. American cities like Los Angeles, Vegas, Orlando, New York, Miami and Hawaii are extremely popular as Christmas vacation destinations among European and Asian vacationers. To try the appeal of this wonderful festival in an entirely strange land, reserve flight tickets to destinations like Bangkok, Dubai or Goa.


The Festival of Lights or Diwali is the burning holidays of all! A mostly Hindu festival, Diwali has tiptoed into the hearts of millions of non-Hindus as well who appear to have been enticed by the opulence and radiance of the festival. But India remains the place where Diwali sparks off revelries and festivities that only might overwhelm some souls that are abstemious. Plan vacations to India during October-November to understand a culture that’s the most colourful of them all and to understand a festival that’s just amazing. Being a real peak holiday season in India, affordable hotel rooms and inexpensive flight tickets mightn’t be simple to come by. Tourists are advised to plan well ahead of time.


The Holy Month of Ramadan is the most significant interval in terms faith for Muslims all around the globe. Islamic followers are expected to follow specific doctrines during the month that contains but isn’t limited to abstaining from alcohol and smoking, fasting from morning till evening and refraining from sexual activities. Contain scrumptious dishes and munificent fetes are organised to indicate the ending of the daily. Tourists can plan vacations to distinct Islamic destinations like Egypt, Dubai, Dubai and Abu Dhabi during Ramadan. But while holidaying in Muslim states during Ramadan they’re only proposed to stick to specific guidelines.